Scent Description

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A Thousand Wishes: A sweet and sparkling blend of champagne, peonies, and almond crème.

All Is Bright Yankee Candle Dupe: A festive fragrance with a blend of sparkling citrus, red currant, and pine.

Aloha: A tropical and fruity scent with notes of pineapple, coconut, and citrus.

Alpine Cheer: A crisp and refreshing fragrance with hints of juniper, pine, and cedar.

Amber & Sandalwood: A warm and woody scent combining amber, sandalwood, and musk.

Animal Crackers: A playful and sweet fragrance reminiscent of childhood with vanilla and sugar notes.

Apple & Clover: A fresh and crisp scent featuring juicy apples and green clover.

Apple Blossoms: A delicate and floral fragrance with the essence of apple blossoms.

Apple Cinnamon: A classic combination of ripe apples and warm cinnamon.

Apples & Maple Bourbon: A rich and cozy scent blending sweet apples, maple, and bourbon.

Apples & Oak: A woodsy and fruity fragrance combining apples with oak notes.

Aqua Spa: A clean and invigorating scent reminiscent of a spa with aquatic and floral notes.

Aruba Coconut: A tropical fragrance featuring coconut, pineapple, and vanilla.

Australian Bamboo Grass: A fresh and green scent with bamboo and grassy notes.

Avobath: A citrusy and invigorating fragrance with notes of lemongrass and avocado.

Awapuhi Seaberry: A tropical blend of awapuhi, seaberry, and island fruits.

Baby Powder: A classic and comforting scent reminiscent of baby powder.

Baja Cactus Blossom: A desert-inspired fragrance with cactus flower, coconut, and vanilla.

Balsam & Berry: A festive scent combining balsam fir and sweet berries.

Bamboo & Orchid: A fresh and floral fragrance with bamboo and orchid notes.

Banana: A sweet and fruity scent capturing the essence of ripe bananas.

Banana Cream Pie: A delicious and creamy fragrance reminiscent of banana cream pie.

Banana Kiwi: A tropical blend of banana and kiwi.

Barnwood: A rustic and earthy scent with notes of wood and spices.

Bedtime Bath Lavender Chamomile: A calming and soothing blend of lavender and chamomile.

Bergamot Grapefruit: A citrusy and uplifting fragrance featuring bergamot and grapefruit.

Bergamot Waters: A refreshing and aquatic scent with bergamot and sea notes.

Birthday Cake: A sweet and celebratory fragrance with vanilla cake and frosting.

Bite Me: A bold and fruity scent with notes of berries, citrus, and sugar.

Black Amber & Lavender: A sensual and sophisticated fragrance combining black amber and lavender.

Black Cherry: A rich and fruity scent capturing the essence of black cherries.

Black Coconut Yankee Candle Dupe: A tropical fragrance with coconut and exotic spices.

Black Currant Vanilla: A sweet and fruity blend of black currant and vanilla.

Black Ice: A clean and crisp scent with a hint of musk.

Black Sea: A mysterious and oceanic fragrance with sea salt and musk.

Black Water Orchid: A floral and exotic scent featuring black orchid.

Blackberry Jam Butter Cookie: A sweet and comforting fragrance with blackberry jam and buttery cookies.

Blue Raspberry Snow Cone: A fun and fruity scent reminiscent of blue raspberry snow cones.

Blueberry Cobbler: A delicious and warm fragrance with blueberries and baked cobbler.

Blueberry Jolly Rancher: A sweet and fruity scent inspired by blueberry Jolly Rancher candies.

Blueberry Maple Pancakes: A breakfast-inspired fragrance with blueberries, maple syrup, and pancakes.

Blueberry Pumpkin Patch: A fall-inspired scent combining blueberries and pumpkins.

Blueberry Slushie: A refreshing and fruity fragrance with blueberry slushie notes.

Boardwalk Marshmallow Clouds: A sweet and nostalgic scent with marshmallow and cotton candy.

Bonfire Smores: A warm and cozy fragrance with notes of bonfire, marshmallow, and chocolate.

Botanical Orchid & Nectar: A floral and exotic scent with orchid and nectar notes.

Breezes & Sunshine: A fresh and uplifting fragrance reminiscent of a sunny day.

Browns Sugar & Fig: A sweet and warm scent with brown sugar and fig.

Bubble Gum: A fun and sweet fragrance capturing the essence of bubble gum.

Butt Naked: A playful and fruity scent with tropical and citrus notes.

Buttercream Crunch Cake: A decadent and sweet fragrance with buttercream and cake notes.

Buttercream Frosting: A rich and creamy scent reminiscent of buttercream frosting.

Cake Batter: A sweet and indulgent fragrance with the aroma of cake batter.

Candy Cane: A festive and minty fragrance reminiscent of candy canes.

Captain Crunch: A nostalgic and sweet scent inspired by the cereal.

Caramel Apple: A sweet and caramelized fragrance with apple notes.

Caramel Apple Cheesecake: A decadent blend of caramel, apple, and cheesecake.

Caramel Cream Coffee: A rich and comforting scent with caramel and coffee notes.

Caramel Popcorn: A sweet and buttery fragrance reminiscent of caramel popcorn.

Caribbean Dream: A tropical and fruity scent capturing the essence of the Caribbean.

Cashmere Cedar: A warm and luxurious fragrance with cashmere and cedarwood.

Cherry: A classic and fruity scent with the essence of cherries.

Cherry Almond: A sweet and nutty fragrance with cherry and almond notes.

Cherry Blossom: A delicate and floral scent inspired by cherry blossoms.

Chestnut & Birch: A woodsy and earthy fragrance with chestnut and birch notes.

China Rain: A fresh and clean scent reminiscent of rain in China.

Chocolate Chip Brownies: A rich and chocolatey fragrance with notes of brownies.

Chocolate Orchid: A decadent and floral scent with chocolate and orchid notes.

Cinnamon Bread Pudding: A warm and spicy fragrance with cinnamon and bread pudding notes.

Cinnamon Peach Apple: A fruity and spicy blend of cinnamon, peach, and apple.

Cinnamon Pinecones: A cozy and seasonal fragrance with cinnamon and pinecone notes.

Cinnamon Stick: A warm and spicy scent featuring cinnamon.

Clean Air: A clean and fresh fragrance reminiscent of crisp, fresh air.

Clean Cotton: A classic and clean scent capturing the essence of fresh laundry.

Coastal: A refreshing and oceanic fragrance with coastal notes.

Cocktails by the Pool: A fruity and tropical scent inspired by poolside cocktails.

Coco Mango: A tropical and exotic fragrance with coconut and mango notes.

Coconut Cream: A creamy and sweet scent with coconut notes.

Coconut Lime: A refreshing and citrusy blend of coconut and lime.

Coconut Lime Verbena: A tropical and citrusy fragrance with coconut, lime, and verbena.

Cookies for Santa: A sweet and festive scent with cookie and vanilla notes.

Cool Water: A clean and aquatic fragrance inspired by the ocean.

Coral Delight: A fruity and coral-inspired scent.

Cotton Candy: A sweet and sugary fragrance reminiscent of cotton candy.

Cranberry Apple Marmalade: A fruity and festive blend of cranberry and apple.

Cranberry Chutney: A tart and spicy fragrance with cranberry and chutney notes.

Creamy Vanilla & Coconut Sugar: A creamy and sweet blend of vanilla and coconut sugar.

Cuban Tobacco: A rich and smoky fragrance with notes of tobacco.

Cucumber & Sea Salt: A fresh and clean scent with cucumber and sea salt notes.

Cucumber Melon: A crisp and refreshing fragrance with cucumber and melon.

Cupcakes at Tiffany’s: A sweet and elegant scent inspired by cupcakes.

Dark Kiss: A sensual and mysterious fragrance with dark berries and vanilla.

Day at the Spa: A calming and spa-inspired scent with herbal and floral notes.

Downy April Fresh: A clean and fresh fragrance inspired by Downy fabric softener.

Driftwood: A woody and beach-inspired scent with driftwood notes.

Dragon’s Blood: A mystical and exotic fragrance with dragon's blood resin.

Eucalyptus: A invigorating and herbal scent with eucalyptus notes.

Eucalyptus Spearmint: A refreshing and minty fragrance with eucalyptus and spearmint.

Farmstand Apple BBW Type: A crisp and fruity fragrance with apple notes.

Fireside: A warm and smoky scent reminiscent of a crackling fire.

Fizzy Pop: A bubbly and effervescent fragrance with soda pop notes.

Flannel: A cozy and comforting scent with flannel and warm notes.

Forever Bahama Breeze: A tropical and forever-lasting fragrance with Bahama breeze notes.

Frasier Fir: A fresh and pine-inspired fragrance with fir notes.

French Vanilla & Oak: A classic and comforting blend of vanilla and oak.

Fresh Cut Grass: A fresh and green fragrance with the aroma of freshly cut grass.

Fresh Cut Roses: A romantic and floral scent with the essence of fresh roses.

Fresh Outdoors: A crisp and outdoorsy fragrance capturing the essence of nature.

Fresh Peach: A juicy and fresh fragrance with the aroma of ripe peaches.

Fresh Raspberry: A sweet and tart scent with the essence of fresh raspberries.

Frosted Graham Cracker: A sweet and graham cracker-inspired fragrance.

Fruit Loops: A fun and fruity scent inspired by the popular cereal.

Fruit Slices: A fruity and citrusy fragrance with fruit slice notes.

Gain: A fresh and clean scent inspired by the laundry detergent.

German Chocolate Cake: A rich and chocolatey fragrance with notes of German chocolate cake.

Glitter: A sparkling, and glamorous fragrance inspired by glitter.

Grape Blow Pop: A sweet and grape-flavored scent inspired by blow pops.

Graphite: A sophisticated and graphite-inspired fragrance.

Green Cover & Aloe: A fresh and green scent with aloe and green notes.

Green Irish Tweed: A classic and green fragrance with Irish tweed notes.

Hawaiian Sea Mist: A tropical and sea-inspired scent with misty notes.

Hayride: A rustic and autumnal fragrance with hay and outdoorsy notes.

Honey Almond: A sweet and nutty fragrance with honey and almond notes.

Honeysuckle: A floral and sweet scent capturing the essence of honeysuckle.

Hot Baked Apple Pie: A warm and comforting fragrance with baked apple pie notes.

Hot Orange Danish: A sweet and citrusy scent with orange Danish notes.

Hyacinth: A floral and spring-inspired fragrance with hyacinth notes.

Iced Carrot Cake: A cool and carrot cake-inspired fragrance.

Iced Cinnamon Rolls: A sweet and cinnamon roll-inspired scent.

Iced Vanilla Woods: A cool and vanilla woods-inspired fragrance.

Jack Frost: A crisp and frosty fragrance with notes of Jack Frost.

Jamaica Me Crazy: A tropical and crazy blend of Jamaican fruits.

Jasmine Heart: A floral and romantic fragrance with jasmine notes.

Jelly Beans: A sweet and fruity scent inspired by jelly beans.

Jingle Berry Wreath: A festive and berry-inspired fragrance with wreath notes.

Juniper Breeze: A fresh and breezy fragrance with juniper notes.

Lavender & Spring Apricot: A soothing and spring-inspired blend of lavender and apricot.

Lavender Lemon: A refreshing and citrusy fragrance with lavender and lemon notes.

Lavender Vanilla: A calming and sweet scent with lavender and vanilla.

Leather: A rich and leather-inspired fragrance.

Leaves: A seasonal and autumn-inspired fragrance with leaves notes.

Lee’s Ice Cream Parlor: A sweet and nostalgic scent inspired by an ice cream parlor.

Lemon Verbena: A zesty and lemony fragrance with verbena notes.

Lick Me All Over: A playful and fruity scent with exotic and berry notes.

Lily of the Valley: A delicate and floral fragrance with lily of the valley notes.

Lime: A zesty and citrusy scent capturing the essence of lime.

Lord of Misrule: A mystical and mischievous fragrance inspired by the Lord of Misrule.

Love Spell: A romantic and sweet scent with notes of love spell.

Luna: A mysterious and lunar-inspired fragrance.

Mandarin Plum: A fruity and exotic blend of mandarin and plum.

Maple Walnut Fudge: A sweet and nutty fragrance with maple and walnut fudge notes.

Melon Mist: A refreshing and melon-inspired scent with misty notes.

Midsummer’s Nights: A magical and night-inspired fragrance with mystical notes.

Milk & Cookies: A sweet and comforting fragrance with the aroma of milk and cookies.

Monkey Farts: A playful and fruity scent with banana and tropical notes.

Moonlight Path: A romantic and moonlit fragrance with path notes.

Mulberry: A sweet and berry-inspired fragrance with mulberry notes.

Mulled Cider & Chestnut: A warm and spicy fragrance with mulled cider and chestnut notes.

Nag Champa: A mystical and exotic fragrance with Nag Champa notes.

New Car Scent: A clean and fresh fragrance inspired by the scent of a new car.

Oahu Coconut Sunset: A tropical and sunset-inspired fragrance with coconut notes.

Oak Moss: A earthy and mossy scent with oak notes.

Oatmeal Raisin Cookies: A warm and comforting fragrance with oatmeal and raisin cookie notes.

Ocean Mist: A fresh and oceanic scent with misty notes.

Orange Sherbet: A citrusy and sherbet-inspired fragrance with orange notes.

Oreo Cookies: A sweet and chocolatey scent inspired by Oreo cookies.

Paradise Daiquiri: A tropical and paradise-inspired fragrance with daiquiri notes.

Patchouli: A earthy and woody fragrance with patchouli notes.

Peach Cobbler: A warm and peach-inspired fragrance with cobbler notes.

Peach Magnolia: A fruity and floral blend of peach and magnolia.

Peaches & Cream: A creamy and fruity fragrance with peach and cream notes.

Peppermint: A cool and invigorating fragrance with peppermint notes.

Pina Colada: A tropical and coconut-inspired fragrance with pina colada notes.

Pineapple Sage: A fruity and herbal blend of pineapple and sage.

Pink Chiffon: A soft and romantic fragrance with chiffon notes.

Pink Sands: A tropical and sandy fragrance with pink sands notes.

Pink Sugar: A sweet and sugary scent with the essence of pink sugar.

Pipe Tobacco: A rich and smoky fragrance with notes of pipe tobacco.

Pistachio Dream Cake: A sweet and nutty fragrance with pistachio and cake notes.

Pomegranate Cider: A fruity and spicy blend of pomegranate and cider.

Princess Type: A royal and feminine fragrance inspired by a princess.

Pumpkin Cheesecake Rolls: A seasonal and pumpkin-inspired fragrance with cheesecake notes.

Pumpkin Coconut: A fall-inspired scent combining pumpkin and coconut.

Pumpkin Milkshake: A creamy and pumpkin-inspired fragrance with milkshake notes.

Pumpkin Pecan Waffles: A warm and waffle-inspired fragrance with pumpkin and pecan notes.

Red Velvet Cake: A decadent and velvety fragrance with red velvet cake notes.

Rio Rumberry: A fruity and rum-inspired blend with rumberry notes.

Root Beer Float: A sweet and nostalgic fragrance with root beer and vanilla notes.

Rose Water & Ivy: A floral and botanical fragrance with rose water and ivy notes.

Sage & Citrus: A fresh and citrusy scent with sage and citrus notes.

Sage & Lemongrass: A herbal and lemongrass-inspired fragrance with sage notes.

Salted Caramel: A sweet and salty blend of caramel notes.

Salty Mariner: A sea-inspired and salty fragrance with mariner notes.

Sandalwood Vanilla: A warm and woody scent with sandalwood and vanilla notes.

Sea Grass & Sand Dunes: A coastal and sandy fragrance with sea grass and dunes notes.

Sea Salt & Cocoa: A sweet and salty fragrance with sea salt and cocoa notes.

Sea Salt & Lotus Blossoms: A fresh and floral scent with sea salt and lotus blossoms notes.

Sea Salt & Orchid: A clean and floral fragrance with sea salt and orchid notes.

Serendipity: A delightful and serendipitous blend of scents.

Sex on the Beach: A fruity and tropical fragrance inspired by the cocktail.

Shave & Hair Cut: A clean and barbershop-inspired fragrance.

Sinus Relief: A refreshing and minty fragrance with sinus relief notes.

Smoked Vanilla: A warm and smoky fragrance with vanilla notes.

Snuggle: A cozy and comforting scent inspired by the fabric softener.

Soda Pop/ Cola: A bubbly and cola-inspired fragrance.

Southern Pecan Pie: A sweet and nutty fragrance with pecan pie notes.

Spa Retreat: A calming and spa-inspired fragrance.

Spiced Cranberry: A warm and spicy blend of cranberry and spices.

Spiced Pumpkin Cider: A fall-inspired fragrance with spiced pumpkin and cider notes.

Stargazer Lily: A floral and elegant scent with stargazer lily notes.

Strawberry Stilettos Martini: A fruity and cocktail-inspired fragrance with strawberry notes.

Sugar Cookie: A sweet and sugary scent capturing the essence of sugar cookies.

Sugared Apple: A sweet and fruity fragrance with sugared apple notes.

Sugared Peaches: A sweet and peach-inspired fragrance with sugared notes.

Sun & Sand: A beachy and sunny fragrance with sun and sand notes.

Sun Washed Citrus: A citrusy and refreshing fragrance with sun-washed notes.

Suntan Lotion: A tropical and sun-inspired scent with suntan lotion notes.

Sweater Weather: A cozy and autumnal fragrance with sweater weather notes.

Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin: A warm and pumpkin-inspired fragrance with sweet cinnamon notes.

Sweet Lady: A sweet and feminine scent capturing the essence of a sweet lady.

Sweet Orange & Chili Pepper: A spicy and citrusy fragrance with sweet orange and chili pepper notes.

Sweet Pea: A floral and sweet scent with the essence of sweet pea.

Tahitian Vanilla: A exotic and vanilla-inspired fragrance with Tahitian vanilla notes.

Tea & Cakes: A warm and comforting blend of tea and cakes.

Thunderstorm: A fresh and invigorating scent inspired by a thunderstorm.

Tobacco Mint: A rich and minty fragrance with tobacco and mint notes.

Twisted Mermaid: A fruity and mermaid-inspired fragrance with twisted notes.

Vanilla: A classic and sweet fragrance with the essence of vanilla.

Vanilla Buttercream Crunch: A decadent and buttery fragrance with vanilla and crunch notes.

Vanilla Cashmere: A soft and luxurious blend of vanilla and cashmere.

Vanilla Pineapple: A tropical and vanilla-inspired fragrance with pineapple notes.

Vanilla Pound Cake: A rich and cake-inspired fragrance with vanilla and pound cake notes.

Vanilla Pumpkin Marshmallow: A seasonal and pumpkin-inspired fragrance with vanilla and marshmallow notes.

Vermont Honey Apple: A sweet and honey-inspired fragrance with apple notes.

Volcano Capri Blue: A tropical and volcanic-inspired fragrance with Capri Blue volcano notes.

Waikiki Melon Yankee Candle Dupe: A tropical and melon-inspired fragrance inspired by Yankee Candle's Waikiki Melon.

Warm Vanilla Sugar: A warm and sweet fragrance with vanilla and sugar notes.

Watermelon Jolly Rancher: A sweet and fruity scent inspired by watermelon Jolly Rancher candies.

Watermelon Lemonade: A refreshing and fruity blend of watermelon and lemonade.

Wedding Cake: A sweet and romantic fragrance with wedding cake notes.

Weekend Party: A festive and celebratory scent perfect for weekend parties.

White Peach Sangria: A fruity and sangria-inspired fragrance with white peach notes.

Wildberry Cheesecake: A sweet and berry-inspired fragrance with wild berry and cheesecake notes.

Winter BBW Type: A seasonal and winter-inspired fragrance with BBW type notes.

Winter Candy Apple: A festive and candy-inspired scent with winter apple notes.

Woodside Garden: A fresh and garden-inspired fragrance with woodside notes.

Zucchini Bread: A warm and baked fragrance with zucchini bread notes.